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My administrative career started in 1976 in a small office and has encompassed working in a number of different companies (and professions) since that time. I've worked in companies of all sizes - from the two-person office to a division of a Fortune 500 company. I've also worked in companies in their start-up phase and know the excitement and challenges that are inherent in starting and growing a business.

Having started working with a manual typewriter (yes, I'm dating myself here), I am thrilled to be working in the technology of today. I enjoy learning new software programs as well as new ways of doing things. Sometimes we do need to reinvent the wheel.

Through the years, I changed "jobs" fairly often as I would master the tasks and then become bored with the position and would move on to something else. As my corporate background is varied, I bring a unique blend of experiences and skills to my practice. Owning my own business and working virtually with business owners in various types of businesses gives me the variety and the challenge that I love.

My education has included various computer classes, seminars, a paralegal certification from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and business classes at Immaculata University. I also completed an intensive 20-week program at AssistU, the premiere training organization for virtual assistants.

My strengths are in being proactive and in taking initiative. I'm passionate about being a right-hand partner to my clients. I love to hear my clients say, "You're one step ahead of me!" If I see something that I think may help you and your business, I'll bring it to your attention.

I'm a perfectionist, love to write, enjoy a good laugh, and love what I do. My dogs are my office mates and give me that break of humor that I sometimes need. I've embraced being an entrepreneur and love working from my home office in my own practice.

On a personal note, I love the water, reading, Mexican Train dominoes and movies. I also participate in interpretative signing to contemporary Christian music and love the beauty of this form of worship.

In 2004 I realized a dream of moving from the cold northeast to sunny Florida, and I look forward to working with my clients in assisting them to realize their dreams for their businesses and their lives.



About Us
Susan Schmidt
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