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What can a virtual assistant do to assist you? What's on your "To Do" list that doesn't need your personal attention? Some of the tasks that a virtual office assistant can perform for you include:

Customer Service

√ Answering email and snail mail

√ Follow-up call or correspondence after the “sale”

√ Mailing or faxing information requested by potential or current clients/customers

√ Making “warm” calls to potential customers

√ Returning phone calls

√ Setting up/confirming appointments

√ Assisting your customers by providing information on your products and/or services


√ Brochure design

√ Creation and distribution of newsletters

√ Mailing holiday and/or birthday cards

√ Market research – competitor information; search for new customers; search for information on current customers

√ Search for sites where your business can be listed

√ Writing content for your e-newsletter

√ Setting up your e-newsletter and maintaining your distribution list


√ Contacting vendors regarding invoice disputes

√ Searching for new vendors for cost savings


√ Assist/oversee web design

√ Handling email inquiries sent via website

√ Locating a web host

√ Making changes to website

√ Submitting website to search engines

General Administrative

√ Answering software-related questions

√ Assisting in locating a venue for holding a seminar

√ Assisting in creation of hand-out materials for seminar participants

√ Creating forms

√ Creating PowerPoint™ presentations

√ Ordering office supplies including stationery/business cards

√ Ordering stamps from post office

√ Proofreading/editing materials created by/for you

√ Researching for new office equipment purchases (computer, monitor, printer, fax, copier, etc.)

√ Tracking expenses

√ Transcription

Virtual Personal Assistant

√ Calling a plumber to fix the leak in the bathroom

√ Calling the vet to schedule Fluffy’s annual visit

√ Making dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant

√ Purchasing gifts/send flowers

√ Reminder service of important dates

√ Research for travel plans (air, hotel, car rental) to locate best prices

√ Searching for a new doctor, dentist, chiropractor or optometrist near your new home or office

√ Starting or canceling your newspaper or magazine subscriptions

All of these are just a small sampling of the tasks that a virtual assistant can perform to help you in your business.

TIP:  Start your own list - keep a tablet handy and create a list of the items that are waiting for your attention. This is a terrific place to start your delegation list for your assistant.

If there are other tasks that you'd like me to help you with, please let me know!


Getting You from "To Do" - "To Done"
Susan Schmidt - Virtual Assistant
Phone: 352-382-2393
Fax: 206-888-2383
Email: Susan@VirtualAssistanceOnline.com


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