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"I have been working with Susan for over six years. She focuses on getting the job done with a 'can do' attitude, acknowledges and thanks people, and maintains an 'owner's' attitude for the owner. Every virtual assistant should understand and emulate what she does as a standard of excellence. Susan is a joy to work with."

Mark Powers, President

Atticus, Inc.


"Here is what anyone considering a virtual assistant should know: In the first six months that Susan worked with me, I made twice as much money as the six months before. Susan pays for herself -- both literally and figuratively -- with every hour she spends on my work. Moreover, my projects are more interesting, more fun and a lot easier as I am focusing on my core talents rather than the administrative responsibilities. And have I said how much I like her? A lot. Can't imagine how it works? Don't worry - it is easy."

Erika Allen, J.D., Ph.D.
Word of Law

"As a new Marketing Director for Atticus I have been overwhelmingly grateful at the level of support, expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm Susan brings to her job. Without her perspective on our business and corporate memory, the transition would have taken much longer and been much more difficult. Her initiative and creativity have been instrumental in keeping our marketing efforts on track and our deliverables on time.

This is my first experience with a virtual assistant and I have been extremely pleased with how effective she has been, in the quality of her work and in the professional manner she conducts her business. It has been a pleasure working with her. I consider her an irreplaceable asset and valued member of our team.”

Bob Zamarra, Marketing Director
Atticus, Inc.

"Susan is very proactive, bright and an excellent partner in her role as a virtual assistant. She has become an invaluable resource because of her efficiency, follow-through, ideas, attitude, abilities, and skills. We treat her as a full/time, valued member of the team and know she is a true asset to all of us who work with her."

Gary Holstein, Practice Advisor
Atticus, Inc.

"At first I was unsure of exactly how often I would use Susan's services. As time progressed, I began to depend on her more and more. After six years it is difficult for me to imagine my business without her help. My business has grown proportionately to the amount of additional responsibilities I have delegated to her. Susan is extremely dependable."

Vince Vanni

Vince Vanni & Associates

Public Relations & Marketing



"In 1998, I needed to hire staff to start a new division in the US. After interviewing 12 applicants for the sales assistant position, it was obvious that Susan was highly skilled and would be a great fit for the pioneer job in the new business unit.

I have to thank Susan for all her hard work, which she did in setting up a professional internal sales administration as well as the department. Furthermore, the excellent reliable reputation that we have in the market is an additional result of her eagerness and efforts.

I later managed the U.S. office and worked with Susan on different projects that were more confidential. I decided to work more closely with Susan because of her loyalty, her professionalism, ambition, eagerness and reliability. She was always good for ideas and input to improve the organization in the day-to-day business activities.

If I were to have a need for a Virtual Assistant, I would work with Susan at once, without any doubt."

Frank Grube, President
Allied Vision Technologies

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for doing such a great job with designing my new product brochure. Your patience, understanding and professionalism were much appreciated.

It was truly fun working with you and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for assistance in their business."

Jean Civis, President
Chester Springs Pure Water Systems


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