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Welcome to the online world of Virtual Assistance!

Isn't today's technology wonderful?! Now you no longer need to have an assistant sitting in the office next to you, but you can work with someone who's down the street or across the country. You can find that perfect assistant who anticipates what you need and helps you to grow your business and distance isn't an issue.

We can share files over the Internet - not just Word or Excel files, but audio files as well. We can share your calendar. Do you need to share documents in real time? No problem! And now with the technology of GoToMyPC and PCAnywhere, I can access your computer without being in your office.

What are you going to do with all this free time that you'll now have? Maybe you'll take on those new clients that you didn't have the time for. Maybe there are new products or services that you wanted to implement in your business. Maybe you'll be able to take that vacation that you've been putting off. Or maybe you'll read the novel that's been collecting dust, rent a movie that you wanted to see months ago, go out to dinner with family or friends, or just take the dog for a walk.

Just what is a Virtual Assistant? (See FAQ) What tasks can a VA help with? (See Services) Why should I use Virtual Assistance Online? (See Testimonials) Doesn't this cost more than hiring an employee? (See Benefits) How can I reach you to discuss working together? (See Contact Us)

So please take some time to look around while you're here and thanks for stopping by!


Getting You from "To Do" - "To Done"
Susan Schmidt - Virtual Assistant
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